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Meet the mastermind behind it all...

Matthew Maaske

I started publishing game products when I was a freshman in high school in 1982. This was a time when only a select few had access to a photocopier. This was how we made copies of our little magazines containing adventures and new monsters for Dungeons and Dragons. I published my first adventure in “Dragon Magazine” a year after I went away to college and got paid a check for my effort. That event must have made some sort of need in me to find some way to make money off my favorite pastime.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1980 when I was twelve. At this time, my friends and I joked that we would still be playing in the care home. I expected I would drop the hobby when adulthood took over. That did not happen. It has remained a rewarding activity for my entire life. I am still playing games and the care home is starting to become more and more of a reality on the horizon.

The Two-Dimensional Miniatures sprang out of an idea I had to add value to the adventure modules I had listed on Drive-Thru RPG. From my own experience in playing role-playing games over the years, I knew that having a nice collection of miniatures went a long way toward bringing the game to life. Having new monsters for each session can get expensive for that one player to supply to the group. There is also the task of painting. Each adventure could include markers for all the monsters and characters that the heroes would face. They could then be used in later games in the GM’s own creative games.